Call centers and enterprises of all kinds can use Tunnel dedicated SMS enabled numbers or you may turn any landline phone number in to a text-enabled number and engage with customers in new ways.

Tunnel offers sophisticated ways for you to manage text communications including high-volume text/SMS automated call distribution (ACD), multiple agent support and management, simple one-number SMS to multiple-number SMS chat, custom greetings and marketing campaign analytics.

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Send business SMS, MMS through mobile messaging platform

Tunnel text enabled landline service turns any landline phone number into a text-enabled number. When a mobile customer sends a text message to your business, Tunnel picks up the message from the carrier and routes it via the Internet to your call center. That’s just the start. We built our mobile messaging platform to efficiently route thousands of messages from mobile customers to multiple service representatives. Tunnel SMS solutions also can be integrated with other text/SMS/CRM solutions. Our APIs make it easy to rapidly bring mobile messaging capabilities to the contact center or CRM solution you’ve already invested in. Tunnel leverages AWS cloud services to scale with traffic volume. You can store customer messages, custom greetings, automated chat responses and agent journals in central cloud server. Analytics as well as hourly, daily, monthly and DNIS reports are run with a few clicks on Tunnel’s dashboard. Ready to move the needle on customer service? Tunnel makes it happen.


Our mobile messaging platform packages start as little as $15/mo and are built on pay as you use model.

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