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Mobile messaging solutions

Mobile messaging solutions has made phone calls obsolete. Billions of people text every day, simply because it works for them. Now, Tunnel Enterprise messaging system works for call centers inside and outside enterprises, too.We built Tunnel by leveraging our deep experience in telecommunications and call center software development. We know, first-hand, what it’s like to be an agent under pressure, provide technical support and work to help a prospect take the next step in their buyer’s journey.

SMS Solutions Can Help Virtually Any Business Be More Successful

Every business is built on relationships – and Tunnel enterprise messaging system is built for every business. Tunnel enterprise messaging solutions picks up text messages that wouldn’t reach a landline phone and routes them through the Internet to you. Your call center is arguably the most important “sales person” in the company. Tunnel enterprise messaging system opens 360-degree insight into agent performance and customer satisfaction, information critical to branding and sales.

As mobile messaging grows, so do the opportunities to use Tunnel. Faster, more effective messaging increases the value from:

•    Business communications
•    Marketing campaigns
•    Customer service and technical support

Use Cases

Small- to medium-sized call centers – Tunnel’s enterprise messaging system features are designed around the multiple tasks agents handle every day, and the pricing packages we’ve defined make Tunnel affordable for growing call centers.

Enterprise – If you have a call center, but don’t have text/SMS capabilities, you can call APIs or engage our team to integrate Tunnel enterprise messaging system into your existing CRM platform. Or maybe you don’t want a call center inside your enterprise. No problem. We’ll route messages to a third-party call center that works for you.

Marketing and Advertising – Perhaps you are running a multi-touch campaign that uses one phone number in your targeted online ads, a different number in printed publications and another for Google TV ads. An agent can simultaneously manage all communications for that campaign through a single window, while Tunnel enterprise messaging system compiles data you can use to tune your campaign strategy.

Restaurants – Online ordering and getting on wait lists are growing preference for consumers. Tunnel enterprise messaging system takes the orders, responds to customers, and frees you and your staff to concentrate on your food and the people in your establishment.

Retailers – Is your market shifting their buying habits, preferring to use their phone rather than visiting your store? With Tunnel enterprise messaging system, you can adapt.

App Developers – Maybe you’ve developed the next killer app. How do make sure that users know exactly where to download it? Tunnel enterprise messaging system eliminates the guesswork by providing a direct link. No more hunting on an app store, where people tend to opt for what’s been downloaded most.

Product Help Lines – You’ve put a number on your packaging to assure customers you are ready to help them anytime, anywhere they are. Text enable that 800 or 888 number to let them reach out when and how they want.

Medical Services Providers – Building a practice? Looking to cut the number of missed appointments? SMS/text messages can give patients that gentle nudge reminding them of their next visit, that a procedure has been approved, or test results are ready.

Technical Support – The volume of calls or costs for support can get out of control. We give agents what they need to be efficient and effective while helping you control costs. There’s so many reasons why text-based support shines, just ask us!

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