We provide a private messaging platform for email, instant messaging, large file sharing, and more


You can manage all your accounts within your own portal. Communicate with your clients securely.

  • Send large files, no need to subscribe to third party file senders or sending outside links. Receive tax documents or sending tax documents to your clients is easy as breeze. You can attach any size of the documents right to your email, without pesky third party links.
  • Now, you can send file attachments up to 200MB with every internal e-mail. (Limit is based on your own settings) Mail remains private between you and your clients.
  • Communicate privately, with your employees and chosen outside vendors/clients.
  • When your employee/client leaves, simply turn off the password.
  • Recipient cannot forward any emails to their personal email/gmail/yahoo accounts, as system does not allow it.
  • All communications shall remain, as internal corporate property and maintain confidentiality.
  • Guaranteed delivery of all your messages
  • No spam or junk mails or any unwanted mail in your box.
  • Make it easy for all of your on/off-site employees to securely work regardless of their geographic locations. Great for non-geographic teams.
  • Add a link from your own website for client access portal.
  • You control access, privileges and add/delete of your accounts.
  • You will have full admin access.

Art Galleries & Museums

  • Your constant need to communicate with your collectors and artists is core of the profession.
  • Send very large image files with confidence without need for third party applications.
  • Send color corrections and book manuscripts to communicate with your printers or publishers with confidence.
  • Keep data private on the private email server, never need to send information on public servers such as G-Mail or Hotmail.
  • Read your g-mail terms of service before you send your next e-mail. Even if you are not using the G-mail, your recipient may be using a free public e-mail server such as G-Mail, on which you have no control of where your email goes or who reads it.
  • Protect by using your own private URL and control all messages both via mobile and IMAP OTW.
  • Let us help you.


  • Keep your IP private.
  • Create interoffice emails for all your clients so you can control the e-mail attachments and flow of the data.
  • When your client has finished engagement or your work is finished you can create your own data retention policies, on when to delete data from your clients/vendors accounts as you are the administrator. You can create your own inter office policies on your server.
  • Your e-mails will remain in the server, cannot be forwarded by anyone out of the domain. It's your property, you decide how it should be treated.
  • If you are sending emails out to your clients, you should know the terms and conditions on Gmail/yahoo. You clients may be using gmail as their corporate e-mail servers like most do, beware!!!
  • Keep track of all communications between you and your client as privileged e-mail.
  • You can use OTW Portal or Outlook or AppleMail or mobile device to access e-mails in real time.
  • No out of the domain email forwarding allowed.
  • No out of domain incoming/outgoing emails allowed to further protect your interests.

Real Estate

  • Exchange sale agreements between parties by creating interofficemail accounts on your subdomain server.
  • Control who receives the agreements or listing details.
  • Engage in a confidentiality process of sharing data within the interoffice email server
  • Reduce friction in allowing the transparent private emails within the private server.
  • Send large attachments without need to go via third party applications.
  • Send large construction drawings between land-lord and tenants.
  • Control the email access only to those who need to have access to the interoffice mail server
  • When deal is dead or closes, you have the right the close the accounts after they download final files.
  • Share confidential deal data via private email account
  • When a customer leaves you, you may choose to close their account and thus eliminating the access to your files or communications.

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