Tunnel Messaging represents a new paradigm in messaging and communications security

Mail Server

Unlike public email services, you will know precisely it's a private server. Tunnel Messaging only uses our own email servers so we can assure that your messages are kept secure at all times. Moreover, your email is stored at your private subdomain, frustrating hackers by making your email incredibly secure. Fully private for all your internal mail needs.


Keep your calendar secure on our platform keeping your activities safe from prying eyes. Your calendar can be shared with any of your contacts, but protected from access by unauthorized personnel. Your personal and business calendar is vital for running your business, but in the wrong hands, you can have your business transaction compromised and your personal life exposed.


Your contacts file is the lifeblood of your business. You want to make sure that only you have access to your valuable information. We protect your contacts, but make it easy to sync that data with your email and instant messaging programs. Using Tunnel Messaging proprietary contact’s files, you will have instant access to them anywhere, but no one else can see them. Keeping your contacts off of your server prevents them from being hacked or locked.

File send

Share files with select people while keeping them secure from others. Tunnel Messaging provides a higher level of security than any public platforms, keeping your files safe. Unlike other public platforms, you can share files with absolute security that they can’t forward those files.

Private Subdomain

Your company is given a private subdomain with a separate admin login page. Maintain complete security and control of all users from a single, easy-to-use dashboard. Your own subdomain makes it harder for anyone to hack your account. Your subdomain is protected by encryption software and other powerful security tools. Only your authorized personnel can access your information.

Keep all of your organization’s communications private - free from spam and theft

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