Revised May 21st, 2020 VC

Tunnel Inc. (the "Company," “Us,” “We,” Our) appreciates your trust, and we are committed to safeguarding your privacy.  We have prepared/provide this Privacy Policy to explain to you what data and information we collect/obtain, why we collect it, and how we use the data and information. It’s in relationship with the personal information we collect from users and visitors of our website located at (the "Website"), our GUI (graphical user interface) our Application Program Interfaces (collectively referred to as the "API"), all our downloadable software applications if any, including mobile applications (referred to as an "Application"), and all online services made available herein (referred to as the "Services").

Forms of information We collect where applicable.
We acquire personal information from customers or prospective users at some point of their use of our Website, use of our products, or communication with our employees. This information includes:

(I) Basic information provided through textual content message transmission.
(II) Information and data entered into website forms or while creating or the usage of accounts/profiles
(III)Mobile device information like mobile device number, provider, and location,
(IV) payment and card information, and
(V) Information or feedback supplied via e-mail, voice, letter, or online posting. We also collect records (along with smartphone quantity, transmission, and message information) from well-known textual content messaging users/member who send messages to users/members of the Website and services.

We additionally collect certain information using some internet technologies. We gather
(I) Clicking, browsing, and use records/patterns (including, but not limited to, records collected through "cookies" and "pixel tags" in addition to data approximately your IP address, browser, net provider, pages, working device, date/time stamps, and clickstream information)
(II) Information about your mobile, how you use our website, or applications performance and
(III) Records (through "pixel tags") about how we dispatch our emails we have and how they are accessed. Third party advertisers or information analytics carriers also acquire similar facts and fit this record to that from other resources.


Basic Use:
In simple, personal statistics you provide to us is used to offer the Services, for our direct marketing or commercial purposes, to respond to requests that you make, or to assist us in serving you better. We can also use the information to contact you by email or telephone for:

  1. smartphone variety verification,
  2. marketing/promotional functions,
  3. enrollment/activation activities,
  4. response to your request/inquiry,
  5. encouraging or allowing your use of the services together with, however not restricted to, unique capabilities,
  6. billing questions,
  7. to address viable inappropriate use, or at our organization's discretion,
  8. to provide users material updates associated with the services.

User comments/Feedbacks:
In case you provide us with feedback, we can also publish it on the web page or our blog now or in the future. If we choose to put up your complete name in conjunction with the comments, we can make sure that we obtain your consent before posting. However, if you voluntarily post your name and other details on public forums or our forums, you agree to give us consent to share your details in public.

Creating anonymous information:
We might also create anonymous information and facts from personal information apart from points that make the statistics non – identifiable to you or your business.  We reserve the proper to use non – identifiable data for any purpose and disclose non – identifiable information to the third party in our sole discretion


We disclose your personal information as described beneath and as defined everywhere else in this policy.
Third Parties specified by you:
When you use our website or services, the personal information you provide might be shared with the third Parties which are designated to obtain it (for example, the person you are texting/notifying from the Website).
Third party carrier vendors:  
We may share/disclose your personal information with third-party service providers:  
to provide you with the services that we offer you through our Website,

  1. to allow message transmission,
  2. to carry out quality assurance and audits,
  3. for our advertising and marketing functions,
  4. to facilitate enrollment and introduction of debts,
  5. to offer technical support,
  6. to facilitate records storage as needed,
  7. for billing,
  8. to manage income bills, and
  9. To provide different Service to our company. These third-party services are required not to use your personal information aside from to offer the services as directed by us.

Third Party Vendors:
AWS Amazon: Server access, data, personal information, cookies, usage data and other various data as outlined in this policy.
Stripe / Braintree /iOS-Apple App store / Google Play Store: Personal data and various data as outlined in this policy and policies of our vendors/suppliers.
Analytics: Google analytics, Firebase, Personal data such as cookies, Unique device identifiers for advertising (Google advertiser ID or IDFA, for example), Usage data and other various data as covered under this policy.
Other indirect vendors are those used by users such as your hardware vendors, browsers, etc.,.
Twilio: Personal data and phone number
Mailchimp: Personal data and email addresses
Firebase/or others: For notifications
Google OAuth: Various personal data as outlined this policy.
CloudFlare: Personal data, Cookies and various types of data as specified in this policy.
Public Account/Profile:
Profile information, which includes your profile picture, name, and phone number may be shared among users/members of Tunnel Services while communicating through texting or notifications.

Corporate Restructuring or Transfer:
We might also use some or all of your personal information for the duration of negotiation of any merger, transfer or exchange in ownership of all or a portion of our business or property.

Your personal information/data will not be used for third-party advertising, and commercialization purposes with the following exceptions: 
Third-party analytics corporations or advertisers on our website might also gather and use information through their very own technologies consisting of cookies. This coverage does not apply to, and we aren't responsible for, cookies used by analytics agencies or in third-party ads. We encourage you to read the privacy policy of advertisers and ad services to study their use of cookies and other technologies.

Other Disclosures and sharing:
Regardless of any choices you are making regarding your personal information (as explained below), our organization may additionally disclose your personal information if it believes in exact faith that such disclosure is important:

  1. about any legal investigation;
  2. to conform with applicable laws or to reply to subpoenas or warrants served on agency;
  3. to defend or protect the rights or assets of organization or users of the applications or services; and
  4. to research or help in stopping any violation or capacity breach of the regulation, Tunnel’s privacy policy and Tunnel’s Terms of Use.

Those times you supply or by supplying us with your personal information, and by making use of the Website and Applications and other services, you accept and agree to the transfer, processing, and storage of your personal information in, any destinations and any or all countries.
Tunnel has applied all appropriate and reasonable security measures to safeguard and prevent the misuse, loss, and change of all information with us, as well as your personal information. Tunnel uses reasonable security measures to protect the concealment of your personal information like secured servers using firewalls.
However, while we take reasonable measures against a possible breach in security of our App, user database, and records; no Internet transmission or App is completely secure. Therefore, we cannot fully guarantee that data loss, unauthorized access, hacking, or other breaches will never happen. Hence, we encourage you to take every possible step to keep your personal information (as well as your password) safe and to log out of your account when not using it.


You have the right review, revise and update your profile/account information at any time. After your signing – up /registration, you will be able to change and review your personal information including like your email address, your location, your profile photographs, your country of residence and your password.
You also have the right to terminate your registration on Tunnel at any time by going to the ‘Settings’ and choosing the ‘delete profile.' However, we may save your profile information peradventure you later choose to restore your deleted account. You will be able to restore such deleted account and your profile and personal details within 30 (thirty) days of deleting it. After your account is terminated, Tunnel has the right to delete any of your submitted, posted or shared Content.


  1. Do not use easily recognizable first name or last name or company name as passwords.  Always use upper and lower case combination with symbols or characters or numbers to increase the password strength to make them strong. Do not use previously used passwords.
  2. Frequently change your passwords and if you suspect that your password could be compromised change it immediately.
  3. Always store your user ID and passwords in a secure location.

For any questions or inquiry about Tunnel’s Privacy Policy or other information, you can contact us through the Feedback section or via [email protected]