Law Enforcement

The following applies to Subpoenas, Court Orders, Agency Orders or Search Warrants (“Information Requests”)

Tunnel, Inc., (“Tunnel”) is primarily an enhanced services provider. We get our numbers from multiple carriers and we license our numbers for use by our customers for inbound voice announcements and or SMS/MMS services. We do not provide/allow live conversations or one-to-one connections over our phone numbers.

As an enhanced services provider, we keep limited information on our customers. We generally keep the phone number listed or provided by the end customer which they used during verification process. This number may change if customer decides to change their contact number anytime.

We do not verify the name or the company name given by the customer.

We accept subpoena or court order from US law enforcement professionals who have the power to request such information. All information demand documents must be signed by person and include contact name, Title, Phone number and E-mail address.

All subpoenas or court orders are accepted only by fax.

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