Designed to Put You in Control of the Experience

Call center agents need to make your customers feel important – because they are, and they know it.

Tunnel SMS text messaging platform is designed to ensure a positive experience, for customers and call center personnel alike. You can customize messaging based on data archived in journals. Asking and responding to questions in context is simple for messaging agents. Most importantly, using Tunnel proves to your customers that you respect their time and communication preferences, and in the medium that they like.

Keep Everyone in the Conversation Happy – Business text messaging service

Tunnel business texting service maximizes your “digital dexterity.” It’s easy to field high volumes of inbound texts, get the greatest ROI from content and convert customers into brand advocates. Tunnel business texting includes all the features your business needs to message intelligently, know your customers, monitor and mentor agents and increase contact center productivity.

We have built our SMS/text software platform to support multiple agents, accept thousands of messages from mobile callers and handle them efficiently. A cloud-based service, Tunnel SMS text messaging platform is implemented quickly and all texts are stored and accessed through a central server.


Features Overview

Web SMS platform customer greetings

Custom Greetings

Record personalized audio messages that greet your callers with information relevant to their call, before responding or connecting them to a messaging agent.

Business texting IVR messaging service

IVR Messaging

A unique feature that allows businesses to build a set of custom text messages and allow auto-respond to IVR (interactive voice response) selections.

Business texting service reactive chat

Reactive Chat

Opens a window for agent/customer communication when a customer requests it. Multiple agents can use the Reactive Chat feature at the same time.

SMS Text Messaging Profanity Filter

Built-in ACD/SPAM/Profanity filter functions with multi-agent support

Eliminates accidental messaging and offensive remarks, and helps address regulations.

Business texting service ANI management

Contact/ANI Management

Build customer profiles, keep agents up to speed on every customer’s history and personalize messages.

Business texting platform campaign management

Campaign Management

DNIS (dialed number identification service) simplifies associating messaging with marketing initiatives.

Business texting service analytics


Save any SMS/text message into the online contact management software for future reference and analytics, as an added option.

Business texting service software reports


Hourly, daily, monthly and DNIS reports that give you the insight to manage agents, marketing campaigns and the customer experience more intelligently.

SMS text messaging API integration

API Integration

APIs and integration services from Tunnel enable merging our mobile messaging management platform with other text/SMS/CRM solutions.

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