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How to add E-mail to Mobile Device or IMAP

You can add your email to your iOS or android devices by following below steps

Your email ID example: [email protected]

Server type:    IMAP
Server name:    pmtp.tunnel.com
port:           993
Security:       SSL/TLS
Auth method:    Normal Password

Server type:    SMTP
Server name:    pmtp.tunnel.com
port:           587
security:       STARTTLS
Auth Method:    Normal Password

How do I create more email accounts?

Your admin access privileges provide you the ability to create user accounts. When you reach your limit under the account, you can increase the users by upgrading your account. Your standard account comes with 100 user accounts, Premium account comes with 250 user accounts. If you need more user accounts, you may contact support at tunnel.

Can I send email to other subdomains?

Subdomains are created to keep your mail private within your company. If your mailID is [email protected], you cannot send mail to [email protected] System is designed to keep your team isolated to within your subdomain.

Can I send large files?

YES. Need to use third party file service providers, not needed. You can simply attach large files to the emails now. We will deliver the file as an attachment, not as a link like others do. No extra accounts to be opened or need for BOX or DropBox or GoogleDrive, Etc.,. Now can send images, videos and large PDFs without need to resize them.

No Spam?

Tunnel server is designed not to allow any spam or junk emails as such you will never get any junk or spam emails. Every email you receive is from within your domain.

What if I need to have account for my vendors/clients?

Simply create account for anyone whom you wish to communicate confidentially.

Cannot forward emails?

Tunnel system is built on the basis for you not to forward emails to external accounts. You can however, forward them internally within the domain.

How many accounts my company can have?

Initially we issue block of 100 accounts (99 user accounts +1 admin account) for $100/mo. If you need more account contact us to extend the total number at add-on price.

Do you have apps?

Tunnel decided to use your existing email client on your mobile device instead of cluttering your device with yet another app. We believe in simplicity. However, after your use the service, feel free to send us feedback.

Can you use portal and IMAP at the same time?

Yes, you are free to log into the portal to check your interoffice mails or use your mobile device to view/send/receive mails.

What is file attachment size limit?

Tunnel will have a recommended limit of 500mb. However your admin change to limit to any size you want. We do not limit your file size.

Can I send external emails?

No, our server does not allow anyone to send or receive external emails. Tunnel messaging is purpose built for interoffice emails only. Unless you have an account from your administrator you cannot use account to send/receive mails from within your company.

How is this interoffice email different?

We follow the same principle of sending interoffice envelopes within the office. Here you are able to communicate with your office staff or vendors to whom you have given access.

Can my company get its own URL?

Yes, you will have your own URL portal for your employees to log in and check mails.

What if I want to use outlook or AppleMail client?

Yes you may. We allow you to use the on-line web portal or use your favorite IMAP client to access the emails. You can also use your mobile device (Andriod, Apple iOS, Windows etc.,) to check or reply to your emails. Nothing changes in your day to day use of your favorite devices. You can simple use the UID and Password to to activate your mail.

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