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Before you are able to send a text message to a landline telephone, your landline has to be programmed to send and receive text. Tunnel can take care of programming your line.  Just connect with us. There is one time charge to enable landline to receive and send text. With Tunnel’s communication software platform you can send and receive SMS/text to your clients! Contact sales@tunnel.com to enable this feature. Find out more features
Text to landline messaging is a way that your customers can communicate with you, via SMS/text messaging. The way it works is that, when you advertise or give out a text enabled landline number, with that number your customer can SMS/text you instead of calling the number.  Your customer can communicate with you via SMS/text with all their issues, problems, or inquiries and your employees/agents can respond to your customers via SMS/text enabled landline messaging communication platform that you have with Tunnel. Check our solutions or email: sales@tunnel.com
Only if that landline is text enabled. Once a landline is SMS/text enabled through Tunnel software platform, you can receive and send SMS/text to and from that number. See our  features section of the site, or email: sales@tunnel.com
If a landline is not set up or configured to receive SMS/text it cannot receive or send SMS/text messages. Once a landline is SMS/text enabled, through Tunnel software platform, it can receive and send SMS/text to and from that number.  Click on Solutions or email: sales@tunnel.com
Landline texting is the ability to send and receive SMS/text to and from a landline telephone. Tunnel SMS/text enabled software communication platform will enable your landline to send and receive text from/to a Landline number.  For more information go to features and solutions or email: sales@tunnel.com
Which means that now you can use SMS/text to communicated with your clients through your landline instead of your customers calling the number, staying on hold for hours and not being able to connect with you. Text to landline allows you to use your landline and send a text through your landline, similar to your mobile line, and communicate with your customers through Tunnel’s cloud software communication platform. Click on features or email: sales@tunnel.com
Yes, your customer who received a SMS/text from you, can send an SMS/text back. Go to our features section or email: sales@tunnel.com
Once you use Tunnel SMS/text enabled number, your messages will be saved in a chat format and stored under that number. You can create Contact Manager via callers details on Tunnel’s platform and save key conversations with them, so when another agent helps the customer at a later date the agent knows exactly what is going on and help your customer efficiently. Go to solutions or email: sales@tunnel.com
Yes, by simply not enabling the number. You simply don’t get any messages from your customers. In this case you can use one of tunnel’s numbers to keep your texts separate. Please check out features on the site or email: sales@tunnel.com
This service is highly used by major corporations or call centers, where agents are handling multiple calls and high volume customer service.  Each one of your agents or customer service reps can handle multiple numbers at the same time and be able to manage without getting their customers frustrated.  By doing that you are able to satisfy your customer’s requests and your customers are gratified.  Go to our solutions tab and find out more or email: sales@tunnel.com

Individuals are burnt out on messages and irritated by troublesome voice calls. In any case, people check their telephones regularly. Here are the numbers that put forth the defense:

  • Around 6 billion individuals utilize SMS Messaging – around 84% of human kind
  • 98% of writings are perused (contrasted and 20% of messages)
  • 90% of writings are opened inside three minutes

That is the reason a shrewd, Business landline SMS Service Messaging gives you a chance to interface with a broad range of clients – in exact minutes and correct spots. If a company does not use texting for their customers, which means that they are not paying attention to the changing world of communication and their customers feel that they are unimportant that the company is not catering to their need and they cannot connect with anyone at their leisure.  To satisfy their customers, businesses are using SMS/text enabled landlines to communicate and connect with their customers.  Customers are happy and content because they can SMS/text their problems to the customer service agents instead of calling them, staying on hold for hours and getting frustrated. It’s a way to do business today!  Visit our solutions section of the website or email: sales@tunnel.com

SMS/texting messaging provides companies with the most direct, immediate and cost effective way to connect with their customers and build loyalty. Our features and solutions page will help or email: sales@tunnel.com
By using Tunnel SMS/text messaging cloud software platform business allow their customer to communicate with them via SMS/text.  Their clients are satisfied with their service and can get results instantly no matter where they are, at the same time businesses improve their customer service and increase revenue. Find out more by clicking solutions or email: sales@tunnel.com
Tunnel has an auto reply service, where a company can send an SMS/Text when their customers call.   Eg. If you have a specific number that you assign to your company’s direction information for instance. You can advertise that number, and when your clients call our system will automatically send the caller your directions without any agent/customer service rep involvement. Or if you are a real estate agent and you advertise a number for a specific open house, when callers call that number they receive an SMS/text automatically the information that you want your callers to receive.  If you cannot find the answer in solutions or features pages just email: sales@tunnel.com
You can do that only through Tunnel SMS/ text enabled landline number. Simply, enable your landline number and send and receive SMS/text.
Once your landline is set up to receive and send SMS/Text through Tunnel, you can send a receive an SMS/Text to and from any mobile device.

The advantages of SMS/Text for your business growth.

  • Boost engagement.
  • Give your company a powerful tool with Tunnel SMS/text software platform to communicate with your clients with innovative way of communication that they are comfortable with.
  • Stay connected with your customers.
  • Increase customer loyalty and positive customer perception.
  • Increase productivity.
  • Decrease cost.
  • Manage more customers with existing customer service reps.agents more efficiently.
  • Quicker engagement with your customers.
  • Immediate response to and from your customers.
  • For Users, SMS/text doesn’t require any internet connection.
  • It’s simple to use, highly reliable and extremely fast.
  • Having a competitive edge.
  • Become a market leader.
    Visit our solutions section of the website or email: sales@tunnel.com
Yes, you can receive and send an SMS/text message from your number by enabling your landline number through Tunnel’s SMS/text software platform.
Reactive means that, you cannot send sms to anyone until and unless customer interacts with you by texting and requesting information. In essence customer has to initiate the text or the call to the merchant and only then you can respond to their request.
No, absolutely not. This is not a mass communication tool with your customers.  It is a form of communication with your customers on a personal one on one basis with their initiation.
No, you cannot initiate any call or text message from tunnel.com website. You need to wait for your customer to initiate the SMS/text or call. Contact management platform is designed to assist you in keeping your customers name and your journal entry of your notes with a specific number of your customer.  Check out our features section of our website or email: sales@tunnel.com
You are their customer and the pricing is between you and your service provider. Same here. we are your provider of service for your landline SMS/text enabling service.  As a company providing this state of the art platform for your need we have expenses that have to be met, such as servers, software development etc.,. as such we cannot give it away for free. We have to charge a small fee for each SMS/text received or sent from the servers.
We are not offering international service at this time. Stay tuned for future releases.
We simply do not respond or allow you to respond to an international numbers at this time.
online or print media is not a problem. If you plan to use any of the numbers on TV where we get large volumes or high peaks, you need to notify us ahead of time so we can get a prior approval from our carriers. Contact us for further discussion to sales@tunnel.com
Yes, you can print the number on packaged goods and use the numbers to respond to customer queries.
At this time, we only offer the service in USA.
No, we can enable your landline number or your toll free number to send and receive SMS/text messages.
Service is designed for any company who needs to interact with their customers with an SMS/text communication tool.  You will find out more about it in our solutions page of the website or email: sales@tunnel.com
Yes, you may log in as one of your agents, using the same UID, and see the chat transcript. email: sales@tunnel.com
Reactive chat means, you can only respond to the customer when customer requests the chat. As such, if a customer does not ask you any questions, you will get locked out in 30 mins, until the customer initiates or starts the chat again. You can only react to the customer request, not the other way around.  email us at sales@tunnel.com
Yes you can, as long as your customer is requesting the information.  Solutions of the use of text/sms is on our solution section of the website.
We recommend Basic service for you, either with the normal area code or toll free number.
Yes, all of our packages are upgradeable. However, once you upgrade your service package, you cannot downgrade. What you can do is to cancel your account and then create a new account. While upgrading the balance of the units from your basic package will be transferred to your newly upgraded package.
Note: (when you CANCEL your account you lose your number/s and all data that is associated with that number/s.)  Visit our pricing/packages page on the website or email: sales@tunnel.com
We currently do not have that option. Check back frequently as we continue to enhance the system.  Email us at sales@tunnel.com
Yes, your agents must always be logged in to communicate with the customers. If you don’t have your agents logged in, your customers will receive a msg saying “no agent is available at this time, please try again later”.
Yes, you can do that on your dashboard under settings. Once you are in settings you will be able to create dates/times of your agent’s availability.
It generally takes 2 weeks, in some cases it can be done sooner.
We have a page set up for you on our website.  Please visit our solutions page on the website.
Yes, we welcome any advice sent directly to us. Please email us at advice@tunnel.com

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